Saturday, March 26, 2011

Emma's new Gems

Emma playing with the wonderful fancy necklaces Ronda sent her home with.  The soccer ball is part of her playing too.  Oh, and she has covered her legs with the blanket because she took off her pants.  She is cold maybe?  But not cold enough to want the dreaded pants back on.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Emma working at the farm

Emma and Katie in the back of the truck with the tapping supplies.  The guys are tapping maple trees.
Emma and George in the grain bin in the barn.

A bottle???

You may have no idea how strange it was when Emma all of a sudden wanted a baby bottle.  But you can see where she got her inspiration from here!

My new Kennel Helper

My new helper.  Hopefully that is not yellow snow she is sitting on...
My new helper has her own furry assistant
New helper picking up bowls

Tea Time

I bought Emma a tea set for her first birthday but saved it until just today...she loves it!
Practicing for our Scottish guests.

Tool Time

Emma discovered a great combination, tool bench and chair
Emma is very good with her power drill
This is fun!

Katie and I

I like my friend Katie Esty!

Emma brushing her teath

Christmas Day 2010, my new table from Mair!

I loved my new table right away!
My new table is fun!
Everyone loves my new table, here I am with Katie and Khloe.
Me, Katie and Khloe playing with our new playdoh.

Playing with my Niece Myah

Another hat, another TUB!

Another hat is selected before tubby time.
Gotta wear it in the tub!!!
Hey....Mommy took my hat away before I could give it a bath!