Friday, May 29, 2009

4 generations

Here are 4 generations of us, all cuddled up around Emma.
Emma is the small one in the middle, 3.5 weeks old.
In the first photos we are arranged Mair, my mother, and then me.
In the last photo we are arranged: Mair, me then my mother.

Emma 3.5 weeks old

These photos were taken by my step-father, Douglas. Douglas, my mother and my grandmother all came to visit Emma!

Emma and my Mother

Here is Emma (3.5 weeks old) with her grandmother.
My mother, step-father and grandmother came to visit for the weekend. Emma loved meeting her family!

my Grandmother, Mair, and Emma!

This is Mair and Emma. Emma is 3.5 weeks old. We had a nice visit!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Emma at 2.5 weeks old

Emma's Book Reviews

Emma has been reading recently:

Wiggle Waggle Woof, Counting Sled Dogs in Alaska.
Emma loves this book for the fun and exciting cadence. She also loves the silly pictures.

Big-Enough Anna
Anna is Emma's heroine, and Emma loves the drama of this true story. The drawings of Anna are beautiful.

Running with the Big Dogs - A Sled Dog Puppy Grows Up in Denali National Park
Emma enjoys this book and the pictures but wish it rhymed more or less.

Bird Dogs Can't Fly
Emma loves this story of friendship. She loves how big and warm hearted the character Blue is.

Emma in the press, Greenville race

Emma won youngest musher award at this race!

ps I am in the bottom left photo with Twinkle, not top left. Click the image of the article for a larger view.