Monday, December 6, 2010


That's Emma speak for Popsicle....


It's Yoga Monday!  Emma had fun at her class today, though there was the I-Need-To-Own-The-Chimes meltdown at first.  I took a bunch of photos at snack time - which we do after the class.  Every time I shot a photo she managed to quickly turn the back of her head to me.  This photo is the best one, plus it curiously has 3 orbs of light, one for each child in the photo!  Pretty special.  The largest one almost looks like a mandala.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A few more Thanksgiving photos

I am trying to keep her head from flopping over, which keeps waking her up.  These photos were taken by Holly Torsey, a cousin.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Babies

Emma and her niece  Mayah Sheehan.  Emma and Mayah should have been about the same age but Mayah was born terribly early.  You can see that she is catching up though!

Emma and her niece Khloe Willey.  Khloe is 6 weeks younger than Emma.  Right now Khloe is Emma's favorite friend, Emma is always talking about her!

From front to back:  Katie Willey, Emma and then Khloe.  Helpful girls.

A bit blurry, but such a cute expression!

Emma after Thanksgiving lunch.  After so much fun with all the nieces and other visiting kids a little food put her right out!

No hat please

Some people say those round white lights captured in photos are spirits, if so Emma's guardian Angel is with her in this photo.

Happy Walker

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Power Tools!

Emma's new tool bench came with a cordless drill.

Binky thief and dabu.

Emma has figured out she can open the bedroom door.  And she of course remembers where the binkies are kept by my bedside.  She keeps going in and grabbing one, sucking on it for a while and then letting me take it.  I now have 3 binkies in my pocket.

More interestingly she is picking up words at a remarkable rate.  I no longer think that babble is just babble.  She picks up words from almost every conversation I have with her.  Some come out pretty clear, some are strange.  She definitely was trying to say YOGURT this afternoon but it came out DABU.  So if dabu is yogurt than she probably just told me what my grocery shopping list should be...but the only word I got was dabu...

PS a few cute photos are coming soon.

First Puppy Walk for my two-legged puppy

Today isn't following our new patterns with Terry taking Emma for the day and me taking the teams out to run.  Terry is up at the farm dealing with cows and pigs and I am all alone with Emma (which is somewhat typical - having no local family to visit).  I decided to bundle her up and finish my dog chores and then I decided while she was in her backpack that we were both dressed more then adequately for the warming weather and we headed up to the farm.  Great exercise for me to carry the pack, ugh!!!  Things were going along at the farm, lots of people, lots of dead pigs so far (sorry to all you sensitive folk).  Emma got out of her pack and enjoyed visiting with Katie Esty and everyone who could take a break to say hello.

We headed home.  Pretty tough to get Emma out of the driveway bcs she saw a big white truck and was bellowing for Khloe.  It was the wrong truck so I convinced her that Khloe was not there and was maybe at her home (across the street from the farm) and we finally got moving again.  THEN she would not leave Alisha's (Katie and Khloe's mother) driveway.  No one was home though.  But Emma did not understand that, she was pounding on the front door and all but crying (Kuwoweeeee   Kuwoweeeeeee!).

Finally we got moving again and I decided to take the long way home through the woods on my old back-trail/puppy walk trail.  We had to hike over a big pile of wood chips left by the power company's brush and tree work (why did we let them dump this right at the trail???).  Piles like that stay warm and are squishy so that was a challenge for both Emma and myself.  Then it was smooth sailing on the crunchy snow covered leaves.  Emma walked a long ways!  We examined pine cones and water and all sorts of animal tracks.  It was fun to enjoy Emma in a context that is usually reserved for puppies as young as 5 or 6 weeks! Finally Emma got tooooooo tired to walk, actually yawning and sleepy.  I made it home in time to change her diaper and have her fall asleep on the changing table!!!  No way I could get her to sit in her high chair for lunch.  Poor girl is going to wake up with an empty tummy.  But we had such a lovely time.  We will have to enjoy that special trail again sometime soon.  Maybe next time I will bring Angus and let him run free back there.  I'll bring the pack too, because it is really a long way for a little girl who is only 19 months.  I wish I took the camera with me to get some photos, she was very cute in all her bundles and my big mittens half way up her arms.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Help! I am being held hostage by a baby in a backpack

Emma insisted on getting in the backpack.  And screams every time I try to get her out.  Is this how I am going to spend the evening???  She looks like a furious little dictator, doesn't she?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Emma has started toddler yoga class, which she calls "yoyo".  She seems to really enjoy it, even though she does have to share the bells which she covets madly.
The wonderful class is at The Practice Room in Meredith, taught by Jen Churchill.

ps Yogurt is also yoyo....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sleepy Girl Waking up from a Nap

I just had a great nap!  I am hanging out with my best pal, Pema the Lamb.  

This is me just just waking up....

I love my Mud Pie Kitchen

I love to play with the water in the sink of my Mud Pie Kitchen.  So much fun.  The kitchen was a present from Jessica Boisvert and her family.  

Prettiest mud-pie baker on this earth!!!

The last of the Summer Fun

Emma in her pool, uh oh where did her hat go?
Emma loves the little ice cream scoop that came with her mud pie kitchen.

My Little Slide

Emma has a little slide in the front yard of our house that she likes to play on. The tall girl is my little sister Geline.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Emma spoke her first English sentence yesterday! She seems to speak her own language fluently, though we do not understand it. However, she is learning English quiet well and her first sentence was "mamma hot!". Makes sense, she stepped out the front door into the blast of our heat wave and had her own comment on the weather.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010