Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rolling rolling rolling!!!

Emma can now roll and roll and roll... no big deal! She likes to do this and reach all the toys she wants.

But she also likes to sit up (and play for any length of time) then DIVE forward and entertain the thought of crawling...until her legs slide back and she is stuck belly down again. And rolls rolls rolls!

She can also stand up against something, like a couch or your shoulder. This really tickles her.

The jumper is still fun, the high chair is groovy, the swing seat is nice especially if she is feeling quiet or ok with being licked by her dogs. Bouncy seats and the bumbo are ok for a few minutes at a time. She hates her car seat, as she always has.

New fun today was using the hiking backpack with the rain canopy. She ended up with a very red face on one side, I hope it was not a reaction to the fabric of the backpack. It was cold and raw, maybe it was just that.

If anyone is curious about what Emma-Lizzie has eaten so far here is the list: bananas, apple sauce, pear sauce, blueberries (in the applesauce), sweet potatoes, rice farina (she hated this and so I ate it all, I thought it was yummy and made it for breakfast for a few days). I made the pears sauce, my neighbor made her the applesauce. The bananas were stolen from Dada's bunch. The rest were Earth's Best organic. But at 77-99 cents a jar, we aren't too into commercial baby food!!!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Emma 5 months old

Give me a kiss Anuk!

Hi there...did you see where my doggie went???

This is my new book. I can't read, will you read it to me?

I like this book too...what do you mean it is upside down???

If I could only lift this tome into my mouth...I really need to chew on it.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Emma 5 months old with her new special book that Daddy reads to her.

Some of my Cousins

This is Emma with 3 of her cousins. Franchesca is the oldest, she is in the pink t-shirt. Next oldest is Otis in the red shirt. The youngest fellow is Ike, in the olive jumper.
Emma is 4 months old in these photos, it was during the visit to Long island for Mair's big birthday bash.