Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Haze of Love

The chief difference between loving Emma and loving all my puppies is that when Terry comes home and I squish Emma's face up next to mine and ask Terry "do we look alike" he smiles and says yes. When I do this with a new puppy he looks mildly annoyed and says yes.

Another big difference is that no matter how much I kiss Emma, I do not get fur up my nose.

Other than that, it is the same wild plummet into love, the belly full of warm oatmeal feeling, the simple and exquisite joy. You might say "poor Emma has to share her mothers love with so many doggies..." but Emma says that she has a mommy who really has love down "pat".

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Sorry, there is no photo of this one. So use your imagination!

I got my new MommYoga dvd last week and have been trying it out with Emma. So far we have made it through nearly 80% of the "class" a few times. Emma does get tired and usually demands to go nap about half to three quarters of the way through.

So the routine is: ask the majority of the house dogs to stay outside, not including Blanche of course. Lay out my yoga mat. Make a cushy baby yoga mat with baby blankets. Begin class.

Some of the poses you hold your baby, and some the baby goes on the floor. The first class Boomer stole the baby yoga in he curled himself up on the postage stamp sized baby landing zone. The second and third attempt at class only Blanche stuck around. I found that she would curl up on the back of my mat, but when Emma was on her mat Blanche would stand near her and gently sniff and nudge her. Then, next thing you know...Blanche is doing a energetic "downward dog" with Emma and me!

I swear, Blanche has a case of the Benjamin Buttons.

xo W + E-E

Friday, July 10, 2009

Baby Musher!

Holy Cuteness!
That adorable blanket came from Joan and Gary Chapman.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Big Yellow Friend

The big yellow friend has a BRAND new operator! Yes, that is Emma at the controls in her Oshkosh overalls. See posts on the BB blog for the original visit of the Cat.
Dad in his usual Torsey Farms uniform. Have you see the new Torsey Farms blog?

Dads Working Their Dad MAGIC

Terry and Emma

Ryan and Khloe (our son-in-law and grandaughter)

Need I say more?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Waiting for Emma to wake up..

Well, I am waiting Emma to wake up. Every few minutes or so I hear her thrash around. But then it is back to wee little snores. She is wearing her monkey pajamas, which are about as cute as anything.

Emma is growing and so am I. What a big learning curve. It's a good thing babies start out pretty simple. Even the simple needs, like eating, were tough to learn. But now she needs new things, like she wants to be outside every day, she wants to interact with people, and wants to look at things. Soon she will want to be using her hands, but not quite yet. So what I am having to learn this week is that she wants to spend time doing those things plus she still needs to nap, maybe more than before, and I have to help her transition between all the parts of her day. At the same time, she seems to be becoming more sensitive to noise, and we have a lot of that here. The dogs are of course a huge source of noise with the kennel right outside the bedroom window. Not so bad at night when they sleep, but Emma has naps all throughout the day and the dogs are often playing or alerting to things going on around them. Wee little Tartlet has got the corner on the market for astounding and random sounds.

New photos soon. I think I will point the cell phone posts to this blog, from the barkingbrook blog.