Friday, June 12, 2009

I am the cutest baby on earth....

That's what Mommy says!

Where it began

This is where my mom and dad got married 7 years ago!

My new rig

THANK YOU BEN AND CHIARA for my new jogger-stroller!

This is my super new rig. I am finally old enough for it and Mommy made me a supporting blanket deal. I loved being able to sit up a bit, with my head stabilized. Mommy went a little nutz in the warmth department, but it was fun. We went for a longer walk and had a great morning.

my uncle Ben

I wanted one more photo of my nice Uncle Benjamin on my blog...
xo E-E

Uncle Ben and Cousin Franchesca visit

This is cousin Franchesca holding me!

This is me smiling!

Uncle Ben and me.

All of us!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sycha and Emma (6weeks)

Sycha met me and Emma at DHMC for my 6 week midwife check up. Emma had a weight check her her pediatricians in the morning, so she wore her special outfit from Auntie Lidia for the occasion.

6 weeks and all the fun we can have

Emma likes her "SleepyWrap" and enjoys a daily walk in either the wrap or the teutonia carriage. She thinks the Barking Brook slogan needs to change to "Burn your TV walk your Baby and your Dog". I'll consider it...
Would you believe Blanche, the lovely white gal, is 15 years old?

Now that Emma is a little stronger, she can go front-ways in the wrap for a little while in the house. I have to be careful and not jostle her too much, and the straps help her keep her head balanced. She likes to see all the little things I do all day to keep the house tidy and the paperwork going. OK...she thinks paperwork is a bore...she prefers to mix up brownies and wander around with me to put laundry away.

Emma loves Daddy snuggle time.

Look at her... just as sweet and adorable as can be.

Terry's Birthday, all his girls

Emma had her big sister's (and brother) and her nieces and nephew over for dad's birthday.

Here is Megan holding Emma and also her daughter Myah.

Here is Jake and Megan and Emma and Myah.

Alisha and Katie!

Alisha holding Emma, and Megan holding Katie and Myah.

Emma Smiles at Peter

We had a visit from a dear friend recently, and Emma just adored him. Peter held and cuddled little Emma for ages, and as you can see from her smile, Emma was quite smitten with him.

Emma 4 Weeks Old

Emma napping in her car seat. Those puppies are on the car seat strap pads. They are cute companions for Emma, and I can tell when she is getting hungry when she starts trying to gum them.

Emma in her pink chair from Jen.

Emma and Dad.